Something You Need Too

It’s a simple list of suggested gifts – one for each day – prompting me to consider what I have to offer and what someone else might need. Pushy inspiration stashed between the pages of a friend’s book.

Give List July

Today’s assignment – “Something you need too” – was harder than most.

What do I need?

Shoes? Shelter? Clean water?

An air-conditioner repairman? A shower? Tex-Mex?

After calling the repair guy, washing up, and eating a burrito…

The day’s gift arrived in my inbox. Mitch wrote to say he’s in the final stages of remodeling and expanding his studio, Sputnik Sound, where my last album was recorded. He’s just a few dollars short – for fixtures, plumbing, paint, the finishing touches before music can be made there again.

So I clicked the link and watched the video.

He needs me to give so he can make music. Something I need too.

I haven’t told you about it yet, see, but I’m recording a Christmas album next month. That means I’ll be sending out emails like Mitch’s soon. I’ll be needing hundreds of people to give before I can make music again. And I’ll need those givers to ask others to give.

So today I gave Mitch what I need too. You can help out as well by visiting Mitch’s page on

What do you need? Give it.