Ask This Question To Stay Married

“Why didn’t you ask your mother?”

Shooting gallery game

My youngest has always brought his questions to me instead of Becky. Even if she’s sitting right beside him. Even if I’m at the other end of the house…in my office…with the door closed…and locked…on a conference call.

Can I have a snack? Are we going swimming today? How old am I when I get married? Is someone waking up right now in India? I can’t find my shoes.

After answering his questions yesterday I asked him a few.

“Did you see your mother? In the room with you?”

He nodded.

“Do you know she’s smarter than me?”

He stared back with his mouth open.

“Did you know she’s older than me? She went to school longer than me? She can do math and lots of other things better than me? She’s really really smart.”

He sat in silence for a minute formulating one final question.

“Why did she marry you?”

That’s a great question. One that’ll keep a guy married.


At least two studies have concluded that when a man thinks he married up he’s more satisfied with his marriage and less likely to stray. The most recent research – published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology – found that when a man believes his wife is out of his league both he and his wife are happier.

He’s grateful. She’s grateful he’s grateful. And from gratitude? Faithfulness. So say the guys in lab coats.

Why did she marry me?

“That’s a great question, son. Go ask your mother.”