The Problem I Can Solve

“I don’t know what to write about anymore,” I confessed.

“Well, what problem can you solve for your readers?” Kat asked.

I was stumped. Soย I read some emails. I read over every note I’ve been sent after speaking or singing over the last few years. And it turns out I have solved a problem…the same one again and again.

  • A daughter decided to forgo a graduation present to feed a hungry child.
  • A pastor reworked his church’s budget to model God’s priorities to his congregation.
  • A young mother decided to mentor girls – as scared and alone as she once was – through a crisis pregnancy center.
  • A nine year-old started a lemonade stand to buy other kids clean water.
  • A father stopped working overtime to make church and family a higher priority.

I understand. Your calendar is jammed. Your to-do list is lengthy. Your budget is tight. You’re tired of feeling guilty for not doing and being more. And your want-to sometimes flickers out.

Then you hear a song. You listen to a story. You watch a video or see a picture. And you want to a little more…to make space in your week, on your to-do list, and in your budget for somebody else. When our want-to overpowers our can’t-do we call that “inspiration”. has relaunched (finally) with a new focus: to share stories and songs that inspire and equip us both to live generously at home and around the world.

At home – for the people living under our roof. Giving ourselves to the folks next door and on the other side of town.

Around the world – lending imagination, time, skill, prayers and money to neighbors oceans away.

I’ll introduce you to people who inspire me; to organizations, theologies, and innovators that inspire generous living and teach us how and why to give.

Inspiration coming soon. Thanks, Kat.