Three Instagram Artists To Follow

I’m new to Instagram – a photo sharing service that allows users to post photos, follow other users’ postings, and like and comment on pics.

Many people use Instagram to show the world what they’re about to eat, are eating, or just ate. But there are some Instagrammers who truly make the internet a more beautiful place. Here are three Instagram artists to follow.

Tim Girard – @timothygirard

Tim and I met in the third grade. He was my college roommate, the best man in my wedding, and now works up the road as a medical researcher and physician at Vanderbilt. And he somehow finds time to post incredible photo edits to Instagram. Follow @timothygirard.

Timothy Girard

Timothy Girard pic in Brussels

Ocean Bridge TImothy Girard

Jamie Lynn – @jmeelin

I don’t know Jamie in the real world. All I know is she’s somewhere in Virginia wishing she was in her native Michigan, she blogs here, and she blows my mind on a regular basis. I have no idea how she edits some of her photos. Follow @jmeelin.


Rawwr Jamie Lynn

Already Home Jamie Lynn

Rimagraphy – @ima_ju

Ima_ju is a Japanese architect who mixes minimalistic pics of solitary buildings and blossoms with bustling photos of life in Japan. I wish I could print dozens of her pictures – but I can only print mine – to hang around the office. Follow @ima_ju.


Blossoms ima_ju

Dark-Wheel imaju

Sad-Bicycle ima_ju

Who’s your favorite Instagrammer? Leave a link to them in the comments.