Songs For West, Heading West, & A Free Webinar


Songs For West

I’ve never absorbed so much news. I’ve been reading and watching daily as the drama in Boston and West, Texas has unfolded – feeling like a helpless useless bystander. The Jesus in me mourned as the number of fatalities and injuries climbed, moved to do something. But what?

So thankful to get an email from Robbie Seay late last week inviting me to contribute a song to an album called #SongsForWest. It’s available through here. You set the price you’re willing to pay for the album. All proceeds go to Baylor University’s relief work in West.

#SongsForWest is a massive album of 45 songs from Derek Web, Shane & Shane, Charlie Hall, Andrew Osenga, Robbie Seay and many many more.

If, like me, you’ve been moved to do something but haven’t known just where to start? Please download #songsforwest and spread the word through Twitter and Facebook too. Thanks.

Micah Watson and Shaun Groves

Speaking of West

I almost never go to California – just too expensive to get out that way often. But I’ll be in northern California in May and I’ve got a couple days open I’d like to fill in. I’ll be in North Bend, Oregon on the 16th and in Mt. Shasta on the 19th. But I’ve got no place to be May 17th & 18th.

Maybe your church would be willing to host a concert on one of those days? Maybe a house concert with a meal/conversation beforehand with songwriters in the area? If you’d be interested in hosting me May 17th or 18th in northern California, please contact my booking guy Micah Watson at booking AT shaungroves DOT com. This is an extremely rare opportunity, my California friends. Let’s make the most of it!

We don’t charge an honorarium for our concerts and every show benefits Compassion International. Look forward to hearing from you!

Christian Alliance For Orphans

Free Social Media Webinar

The Christian Alliance For Orphans and I are teaming up this Wednesday, April 24th for a free webinar on Harnessing Social Media For Good.

In today’s world some of the greatest impact in orphan advocacy is coming from online tools. How can you best use your voice for good while harnessing the technology at your fingertips? How can you get your message out effectively with both confidence and wisdom?

Join Shaun Groves, Coordinator of Blog Marketing for Compassion International, as he explores how to use your online voice for good in a way that will magnify your message and engage your audience.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about using your online for good, register now for Wednesday’s free webinar. Class starts at 2PM Eastern and lasts until 3:30 with a time for Q&A.