3 Things The Nester Taught Me About Pinterest


If you like decorating making a house a home, you should be reading The Nesting Place. Tens of thousands of people do.

And most of those people have ovaries.

Aaaaand the favorite social media site for people with ovaries is?


The Nester is a Pinterest ninja. A pinja. (Yes, I’m really going with that.)

Here are three things Myquillin (That’s her real name and she wouldn’t laugh – at all – if, hypothetically, you were to call her Nyquil instead. Ever.) taught me in-person or by example about how a blogger can use Pinterest well.

See Everything Pinned From One Website

Want to see what’s been pinned from your website? Open a browser window and in the address pane type pinterest.com/source/[name of website] like this…


So, at pinterest.com/source/shaungroves.com I can scroll down for days and see what’s been pinned from my site and who pinned it.


Wow! That post about the ways we can stop slavery really took off!

You can do this for any site. How about thenestingplace.com?


This is a powerful tip. If you know what’s being pinned, you can quickly discover what people (with ovaries) are most interested in from your site…and you can show up and say “thanks” to each and every one of them by leaving a comment on those pins.

Use A Title Image

Have you noticed that Myquillin (man, Nyquil is so much easier to spell) often creates a title image for her posts? Turns out those are some of her most-pinned posts too.

For example, she recently wrote a practical and inspiring post about how she got out of debt. Here’s the title image she used at the top of that post…

how we paid off debt by the nester

Folks pin these things! Because it’s not only an interesting image, but it’s an image that summarizes the content of the post. And so far that one’s been pinned over 14,000 times.

Use A “Pin It” Plugin

If you want people (with ovaries) to tell other people (with ovaries) about your site, make it easy for them to do so. If you haven’t integrated a Pinterest plugin into your site yet, you’re behind. It’s so easy to do even a musician can pull it off, and it’s well worth the few minutes it takes to find one and install it.

I use the oh-so-cleverly named “Pinterest Plugin” on my site. It puts a “Pin It” button above images in my posts or makes a button magically appear on an image when someone hovers over the image. Looks like this…


Looks like Myquillin (that gets easier to type the more I do it) is using a plugin called “Pin It On Pinterest”. (A post on how to name a plugin is obviously way overdue.) That plugin puts a little “Pin It” button at the end of each of her posts like this…


There are lots of Pinterest plugins available. Just search the WordPress plugin directory for “Pinterest” and pick one that’s gotten positive reviews.

Thanks to Myquillin for making me a better pinner. You can say thanks too: Follow her on Pinterest. Or stop by her blog, pin something there, or leave a kind word in the comments of a post.

Just don’t call her Nyquil. Not funny. Ever.

Got a Pinterest tip for us? Tell us in a comment.