Monstermarks – Kid Craft Tutorial

Every Wednesday I disconnect from the interwebs, turn off the cell phone and spend the day with my kids. They call it Daddy Day. But it’s nothing elaborate.

We do homework together (the easy subjects), stock the shelves for a while at the local food pantry, go out for lunch or on some kind of field trip (a museum or the symphony or a nature walk, for instance) and do some kind of art.

I’m slammed in March, away from my kids more than usual, so Daddy Day is even more important now than ever. And I’m prepared! I’ve got a stack of plans ready – places to go, things to see, stuff to make. First up? Monstermarks.

I saw these corner bookmarks over at Tally’s Treasury but we simplified the process a little, making these marks even easier for kids (and dads) to make by putting a little basic origami to good use. Here’s step-by-step how to make your own Monstermark.

Monstermarks bookmark kid craft tutorial

For more stuff to do with your kids, check out this collection. I’m always looking for more so leave a comment if you have any great links I should add.