Archive Month: January 2013

Modern Worship: Good Hockey Or Bad Painting?

Songwriting is a craft. As in any craft – ice skating, painting, public speaking, cooking – there are best practices that border on being rules. These standards sometimes define the craft. For instance, if an ice skater glides into the spotlight carrying a stick and hitting a puck she’s no… Read More

Practicing His Presence: Extremely Passionate

Recently, I stumbled onto a list of “Christian classics” and decided to read them all. To read them all. Because I have a hard time doing anything in moderation. I was doing great at first. I loved the first few books on the list. Then I started in on The… Read More

Beggar’s Fortune – Three Years Of Treating Depression Successfully

It’s been three years since the big depression episode I wrote about in the Beggar’s Fortune series. In those three years I’ve had very minor and fleeting brushes with depression. And I’ve learned a lot about what causes my depression and how to prevent and treat it without pharmaceuticals. What… Read More