The Seventy-Two

There were the three – Peter, James and John. The inner circle, friends Jesus relied on more than any others.

And there were the twelve. The disciples passing out bread to the multitude, circled up around the Rabi, praying in the garden, sharing a meal together that last night.

And the seventy-two. You’ve never heard of the seventy-two?

“…the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go.” -Luke 10:1

Seventy-two who “went ahead”. We don’t know exactly what the seventy-two did, but somehow they prepared the way.

I’m heading to Peru with a bunch of bloggers November 13-17. Our goal is communicate to first world readers what Compassion International is doing to serve children in and around Lima. Because of this trip hundreds of people will become sponsors, hundreds of children will be released from poverty, hundreds will come to faith. This trip will make ripples in eternity.

In short, we’re going to war against want and apathy. And we can’t do it alone. We need you to prepare the way, to be our seventy-two.


I cannot stress enough the importance of prayer to the success of these trips. I believe Satan hates it when people give and when children are freed from poverty. And I don’t believe he stands by and lets either of those things happen without a fight. Our greatest defense and offense? Prayer. Apart from Christ we can do nothing (John 15:5). Please pray daily for all of our team.


Please tweet the word out about this trip, linking to and using hashtag #compassion. You can follow (and retweet) the entire team here.


I’m curating a board on Pinterest for this trip to Peru. There are already four images in it. Please watch that board and repin the stuff you think your followers would enjoy.


I’ve created three Facebook cover images to promote the trip. (These conform to Facebook’s guidelines for cover designs.) You can grab these from the photo section of my Facebook page or click this link to download them. Here’s how to change your Facebook cover image.

Read & Encourage

These bloggers are leaving familiarity and family behind for a week – some of them have never left the country before. They’ll face fears of flying, of getting sick, of not writing well. And they may have to do this while reading a few nasty emails from detractors. Please read their posts daily, share your favorite posts with others, leave an encouraging comment or shoot them an email. Your words before, during and after this trip really will help.

Thank you for being part of our seventy-two. We need you to prepare the way.