Peru All The Way Around

We’ve had a long and very up and down day emotionally. Great but exhausting. So, while I collect my thoughts and try to put words together, here’s a tour of Lima, Peru in 360 degrees.

A panoramic photo from the rooftop of Compassion child development center PE-223.

Click the image to enlarge.

Another panoramic photo from a walk to a sponsored child’s house today.

Click the image to enlarge.

Video tour of a sponsored child’s home in Lima, Peru taken on the first day of our trip.

This video is shot in 360 degrees so just click the image and drag left and right to change your view.

Tour of Anibal’s house from day two of our trip.

Again, you can click the image and drag to look at whatever you want.

Tour of Selena’s house taken today.

Take a look around the single mother’s house.

Video tour of Compassion International child development center PE-223 an hour or so outside of Lima, Peru.

Includes a handy poster/guide to popular men’s hairstyles.

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Sponsor a child from Peru