Win An iPad From The Edge

I don’t sing at youth events. Generally.

I remember when my youth minster brought in the old guy he just loved and had him sing at our youth camp. Oh, so awkward.

The OP shirt didn’t fool anyone. And it definitely didn’t make his crooning sound more like what was in my tape deck back home. If moms and dads like your music, their kids almost never will.

But I’ll sure teach youth about the bible. The gray and the minivan aren’t a hindrance to that at all. Maybe they’re even an advantage.

My pastor said on Sunday that wisdom is “I’ve made that mistake before.” And the older I get the more I can say that with conviction.

I’ll be sharing some wisdom at The EDGE Conference (for youth and youth leaders) January 19-21 in Pigeon Forge, TN.

The EDGE is a student & leaders conference designed to point middle school & high school students toward a loving relationship with God and equip youth workers to minister to today’s generation.

If you work with youth at your church you can register your group at

If you refer five youth groups to the conference you’ll get an iPad! Just make sure those youth groups put your contact info in the referral blank on their registration form. All the details for this giveaway are on The EDGE Conference blog today.


Thanks for your help spreading the word. Could you pray for me and the other speakers/singers/whatnot as we prepare for The EDGE? Thanks.

What can I pray for you today?