How A Singer Balances Travel & Family


It’s the question I’m asked most on the road. When women find out I’ve got a family back at home they wonder…

“How do you do it?”

Behind the question are legitimate concerns about a father not being there for his kids’ soccer games, a wife worn out from raising four children alone, a marriage losing heat from too many days and nights spent miles apart.

I’ve made my living as a singer and public speaker for twelve years now. These days I’m in 80 cities annually. And while you’re not likely to be soft rocking across America for a living anytime soon, someone in your house may be a bit of a traveler too – if not year round then for a season now and then.

How do we do it? How do we keep our families together – and thriving – when mom or dad are on the road?

My wife and I didn’t do it well at all in the beginning.


I signed a record deal the day my oldest was born. And I boarded a tour bus for the first time six months later. I was the opening act on a 60 city tour that spanned three months. Few days off. No money to fly home when I had the rare opportunity either.

When the tour finally ended, over an appetizer on date night, my bride said, “I don’t want a divorce…”

(That’s one way to get a guy’s attention!)

“…but I understand now why so many artist’s wives get one.”

That night Becky and I put some rules in place. They’ve kept us married, liking each other, and sane…most days.

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