It Can Be Wrestled From Fools

The accusation has been made more than a few times but it’s not true. Yes, I sing while advocating for the poor, but I’m not trying to be like Bono.

I’m trying to be like Jesus. And I think Bono is too.

Or, maybe more theologically correct?: Jesus is in us living through us lives that become more and more like His.

So, it’s inevitable that we’ll make similar decisions and think similar thoughts along the way. But Bono has a knack for putting those thoughts into beautiful potent sound bytes that stick in our brains and get passed on. In that way, I wouldn’t mind being more like the guy.

I’m flying home from Texas this morning stuck to this:

“The world is more malleable than we think. It can be wrestled from fools.”

There’s more where that came from…

Worth passing on huh?