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One Thing That Made Me A Better Husband, Parent & Worker

There’s no shortage of resources for the self-obsessed. Are you a D, I, S, or C? An INTJ or an ESTJ? A beaver or a lion?

I’m a little cynical and a lot skeptical about it all. Can you tell?

I’ve taken all these tests – against my will – and walked away from each with a new label and little else. But Strengths Finder 2.0 actually helped me immediately in very practical ways. View Post

Ain’t No Party Like A Homeschool Party ‘Cause A Homeschool Party Don’t Stop

Years ago, when we opted to homeschool our oldest instead of putting her on the bus to kindergarten, the public schools in our area hosted back to school bashes. Not wanting Gabriella to feel left out, Becky threw the first ever cul-de-sac back to school party. It’s become a tradition.… Read More