The Perfect Anniversary Present

We dropped the kids off with grandparents in Texas, went to my twentieth high school reunion, and then drove back home to Tennessee. In the quiet. Just the two of us.

We spent the week at home together, childless, giving ourselves an hour on-line every day to answer any urgent e-mails or tweet an important request for movie recommendations.

We’ve been together twenty years, married fifteen years this month. And this was the perfect way to celebrate.

We did a bunch of nothing. Together.

We slept in. Drank coffee. Walked an antique mall. Went out for dessert. Saw a couple movies. Ate microwaved meals. Played Scrabble. And talked.

This was hard for me, because my mom accidentaly taught me otherwise. Her “love language” is probably gifts. I grew up bringing tears to my mom’s eyes with tangibles – cards, macaroni necklaces, drawings, letters, jewelry. My sister’s the same way. Thoughtful gifts mean a lot.

Becky’s different. She values time more than any gift bought, made or served – no matter how much thought and time those gifts may cost.

It’s taken me twenty years to learn that the most meaningful expression of love I can give Becky is an empty calendar, an unplugged phone, a closed laptop, my undivided attention.

So I finally planned the perfect anniversary present for Becky. While the kids partied with grandparents in Texas, we spent our annivacation alone in the quiet doing nothing much. Which is really something to Becky.

What’s the ideal gift for you?