Soaring At Ann’s & On A Shuttle Bus

Pink kid shoesOn the shuttle bus moments ago, from the hotel in Edmondton to the airport, a five year-old in pink shoes, pink jacket, pink hat asked, “Do you know what I want to be when I grow up?

“We just met,” I said,” I have no idea what you want to be when you grow up. But I want to.”

“I want to be a dentist…astronaut,” she said.

And what is there to say in response but “Wow, a dentist astronaut!”

“Yes,” she said, pride sitting her up a little straighter in her seat.

“Why an astronaut?” I asked.

“Weeeell,” she explained, “I get to fly…to the sun…and the stars and I love love love space.”

“And why a dentist?” I asked.

“Weeeell,” she explained, “there aren’t many people in space these days so I won’t have to work very much if I’m a dentist.”

“So do you think you could be an astronaut for your job?” I asked. “Like, does someone pay astronauts or do astronauts have to have some other job too so they can buy food and clothes and stuff?”

“Astronauting is fun,” she said. “So you don’t get money to astronaut.”

Oh, some of us make ends meet astronauting. I hope you do. I hope there’s some flight in your day – even if your day is called “work.” Soar.

Speaking of which…

Ann VoskampMy friend Ann is heading to Haiti with Compassion International in a few days. (Pray for her, will you?) So she’s taking a break from the internet to be with family, pack, prepare. And while she’s away she’s turned the farm over to friends. She wrote and asked each of us to share something that would “point people to Jesus” this week while she’s preparing to meet Him (again and again) in Haiti.

And so, a familiar post to my regular readers is up at Ann’s place today, with new pictures and video. To help you “soar” as Ann put it.

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I’ve got a flight to board. If I haven’t told you lately? Thank you for giving me a good life of doing what I love.