How To Bowl

Bowling BallsI had to take two physical education classes to complete my degree in music composition. Absolutely. Makes total sense. So I chose the ones taught in air-conditioned buildings: yoga and bowling.

Of course, I went to Baylor University, a (somewhat) Baptist school, so yoga was renamed “Stress Management And Relaxation” and beer was not consumed in the bowling alley. Which is like hockey without Canadians or baseball without steroids. I rest my case.

Jim Gaffigan doubts that bowling is even a sport in the first place. If you can eat nachos while playing it, he reasons, it’s not a sport.

Well, Jim obviously hasn’t studied the matter.

Bowling well, and not just to pass the time while your nacho cheese cools, requires a great deal of skill. For an entire semester, for three hours every week, I received instruction from a professional. I learned the proper stance, wrist position, foot position, release, strategy. I memorized the names of half a dozen splits. There were written exams, people.

And a high score of 190. Not bad. A solid B.

But that was…a certain number of years ago. I may not remember some any of what I learned back then. Good thing I’ve got a five year-old to school me.

How To Bowl

Did I mention he’s never bowled before, never seen bowling before, and can’t say the word “bowling”? Humbling.

Thanks to Jaymar Family Entertainment Center in Franklin, TN for letting kids bowl free all Summer. No, really, thank you from the bottom of my self-esteem.

What free or affordable stuff is there for families to do in your neck of the woods this Summer?


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