Soccer Or Music?

I’ve always looked like a giraffe ice skating when I do anything remotely athletic. But I was downright OK at soccer. Not very good compared to the other kids, but for a future singer I was exceptional at soccer.

Kids Soccer

I was torn my freshman year of high school. Should keep playing the sax in the band or try-out for the soccer team? There was no time for both.

“You’re not good at soccer,” my dad said. Like pulling off a band-aid.

I like to write this blog. It’s therapeutic. It’s turned many fans into something closer to friends. And the need to write each day helps me notice everything in life. And I’m downright OK at it.

I’m not very good compared to the other kids, but for a singer I’m sometimes exceptional at blogging.

But music pays the bills. And when there were no gigs on the calendar for May, very few in June, and almost nothing in July? I quit blogging.

To compile an ebook – spending hours learning new technologies. I wrote a curriculum for a songwriting class I could teach on-line. Bought a domain name and began recruiting contributors, developing, and finding advertisers for a new site I’m launching to provide income in the famines between feasts. And I moonlighted as a graphic designer some too.

Because I love blogging, but I love my family (and eating) more. And sometimes (very rarely) there’s no time for both.

Thanks for understanding. I knew you would.

And so will the people on your soccer team. What are you OK at that you need to quit (maybe temporarily) to be great elsewhere?

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