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Shaun-Groves-In-The-Sky-ebook-cover(In The Sky is an eBook in .pdf format and not a physical product as pictured above.)

When God put on skin and moved into our neighborhood two thousand years ago, He surprised everyone.

He didnโ€™t enter history as a statesman or emperor. Not a renowned scholar or scientist. Not a muscled warrior either.

No, God arrived in the most unexpected disguise. A child.

The Word became infant, vulnerable, spitting-up, cooing baby flesh.

Godโ€™s best in our smallest.

That’s how my new ebook In The Sky (And Other Big Lessons From Little People) begins. It’s a 104-page collection of illustration, photography and stories about the children I love most and what they’ve taught me over the years.

Here’s a look inside…

There’s plenty to learn and laugh about in this book. But more than that, I hope by the last page you’re convinced that God still sends His best to us each day wrapped in the disguise of children. And I hope this causes you to give them the best of yourself.

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