Re:Write On-line Songwriting Workshop

My mom was right. I should have gotten a teaching certificate along with my music degree. Thankfully though, anybody can teach anything on-line these days.

I’m teaching a three-hour on-line songwriting workshop called Re:Write the morning of June 14th. Wanna learn?

Those who purchase the workshop will receive a link to the site where they can sit for hours watching me talk about songwriting. And they’ll be able to “talk” to me and the rest of the class via a live text chat thingy. No special equipment needed – just a computer hooked up to highspeed internet.


Here’s some of what we’ll talk about:

  • Basic Music Theory
  • Song Structures
  • How Songs Get Started
  • All About The โ€œHookโ€
  • Writing Efficient Lyrics
  • Words To Avoid
  • Rhyme Scheme
  • Use Of Metaphor
  • Making Use Of Range, Accents, Sequence, Repetition, Variation in Melody Writing
  • The Rewriting Process
  • Basic Copyright Law
  • Getting Published
  • Creating A Song Demo

Plus, students will have the option of e-mailing me a lyric and mp3 of one of their songs afterward for a private thorough critique.

This is the same course I’ve been hired to teach at conferences and universities for the last decade. And now it can be yours for the low low price of $39. And I’ll throw in a Shamwow* while supplies last. Go to the store to sign-up!

Now, maybe you’re not able to do a morning session on a weekday? What day and time works well for you. If enough people request the same day and time in the comments, we’ll add another session. How’s that?

And I’m curious…What do you know well enough to teach? Why don’t you?

*This is a lie. You will not receive a Shamwow.

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