I Am Not A Blogger

I am not a blogger. I am a communicator.

Over the years, the opportunities I’ve been given to communicate have increased and the more important it has become to remember what I am and what I am not.

Once upon a time, I was just a singer and songwriter. Then a wonderful on-line community evolved on my site’s message board and I became a frequent poster too. The board birthed a blog. The blog birthed writing and speaking. All of that experience inspired the creation of Compassion Bloggers. And so for the last few years I’ve stayed busy and very fulfilled – communicating.

I’m a communicator connecting the first world with the third world for the betterment of both. Singing, blogging, writing, speaking and championing a talented army of bloggers using their on-line voices to speak for Compassion International.

Sometimes I can’t do all of this in the same season. Something gives. That doesn’t bother me at all if I remember what I am. When it comes to blogging, sometimes I don’t remember. Instead, I get scared.

Take a break from speaking and I can still speak to a full house at a college a month later. Take a break from singing for a few weeks and people won’t stop booking me (for free). But stop blogging for a week? The audience shrinks dramatically.I forget what I am and I fear… They’ll never come back. Ever. And what will they think of me? And…

But on a good day…

I took a week off from blogging recently because being a communicator had me busy elsewhere. I’ve traveled more than usual lately to communicate from stages. And in-between, I’ve been sick, catching up on family time, home maintenance, meetings, and herding bloggers toward completing their paperwork for Tanzania so we can communicate together on behalf of kids very soon.

It’s not that I didn’t have time to blog in there somewhere but when I sat down to write? The word well was empty. I’ve been communicated and lived out lately. It happens. And that’s not bad. Feels like I’ve been what I am with all that I am. To pull that off and stay sane, I had to stop blogging.

What are you? You’re probably not a blogger. There aren’t many of those. You’re probably a counselor, encourager, teacher, leader, community builder, theologian, organizer, motivator, reformer, activist, creator…who blogs.

You can take a break from the internet and still be what you are. You have our permission.