Five & Other Big News

When I turned five I think we had the neighbors over for some cupcakes. I threw bean bags. I got a Roger Staubach vest. Those were simpler times.

On my to-do list today is a Spiderman cake, a trampoline, five bolts of yarn, crepe paper, silly string, and lots and lots of candy. And that’s just my half of the list. (Who am I kidding? Becky hasn’t left an entire half of the party in my hands.)

A house full of guests are headed our way this evening. Sambhaji is turning five! Pictures to follow. (I know. You’re on the edge of your seat. Hang in there.)

In other news…I’m headed to Tanzania May 6-11 with another amazing group of bloggers. Five so far. Another couple might join us very soon.

It’s a hard thing to leave home for so many days and head to Africa with a guy who can’t handle half a birthday party. There’s childcare to arrange. Or husbands to train. Fears to overcome. Perspective to kiss goodbye.

But, once again, God has moved a handful to say “yes”. He’s picked these wonderful writers to use their on-line voices to speak for children in Tanzania. I know it.

Could you begin now to pray for them, for their readers, the details of this trip to come together, our safety and health, families left behind and children in need of sponsors?

Thank you, friends.

One last thing. The final installment of the Cross-Shaped series comes out on Monday. It’s unbelievable the conversations it has fueled. God has used it to reconcile a marriage, to feed new interfaith dialogue on the campus of EMU, and moved a pastor to preach a series on what beliefs every Christian denomination has in common. Please pray that all these responses are followed through on and that God continues to make peace on earth as only God can.

What can I pray for you and yours over the weekend? It would be an honor.