Fatao’s Heart

“Fatao’s disease is not a disease for a poor person. There is no way to pay . . . My prayer was that God would find somebody or give us the means to treat the child, and now that I know that Fatao will receive the surgery [through the Medical Assistance Fund], I am very happy, and I’m thankful to God.” – Sanaou Pauline, Fatao’s mother

Abdoul Fatao has been suffering from heart problems since he was one.

The option for treatment was not available to Fatao because he and his family live in poverty in Burkina Faso.

Recently, Fatao was registered at the local church into Compassion’s Child Development Center.

During his first medical visit, Fatao’s heart condition was diagnosed.

The hope for healing? Heart surgery.

For this particular surgery to take place, Fatao will need to travel to India.

The total cost of Fatao’s surgery, including passport, visa, travel, the surgery itself and follow-up care, is $23,000.

With your help, Compassion is stepping into the gap for this little boy. Your generous donation will help pay for this surgery that Fatao so desperately needs.

“I wept for joy when I found out that Fatao would be able to have the surgery. I bent my head down because I didn’t want the pastor to see me cry, but they were tears of joy.” – Kone Lassina, Fatao’s father

Please give today.

Any money raised in addition to the $23,000 for Fatao’s surgery will be used to pay for similar surgeries for other children in Compassion International’s sponsorship program.

Compassion staf are writing about Fatao’s journey as he makes the trek from Africa to India and home again, updating us with words, pictures and video. Go here to follow Fatao’s journey. Or follow @compassion on Twitter where updates on Fatao’s story will be given with the hashtag #Fatao.

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