Here We Go Again

“I don’t know,” I said. “Is there something you think I should make a resolution about?” I asked. “What one thing do you want me to change this year? I’ll do it.”

This was just a few miles into the sixteen hour drive home from Texas. She could have said “I don’t know; let me think about that one” or at least sat on her answer for a little while. But no. My wife immediately “shared” two things she wanted me to change.

Love hurts. But it tells the truth.

(Becky did not, by the way, reciprocate and ask me to suggest resolutions for her. And I was wise enough – for once – to note this and keep my mouth shut.)

So I’ve made a couple resolutions – or, more accurately I think, Becky has made them for me. And already I’m running low on motivation…and belief that I’ll be successful.

So we spent money. I don’t like to spend money. I don’t like it so much that Becky thinks if I invest a little toward a goal I’ll actually meet it. Foolish woman. She overestimates me. And this may be her most attractive quality.

I also read a book full of truly grotesque information sure to scare any reasonable person to action. But how reasonable am I really? Would a reasonable person need a resolution to do what he knows ought to have been done long ago?

Then there’s the to-do list and the calendar, now filled with action items certain to keep me on — SQUIRREL!

So what motivates you? And keeps you motivated? What was the last goal you set for yourself and actually accomplished? What do you think made the difference between success and failure?