Headed To Ecuador With Some Women I Met Online

“So what do you do with Compassion exactly?” asked the only other man at the all-ladies blogging conference I spoke at over the weekend.

I explained.

“So…you travel around the world…with mostly women…you met on the internet,” he clarified.

“Yep. That’s pretty much it I guess. It sounds a lot less creepy in the official job description though.”

Once again it’s time to do my “job.” This time we’re headed to beautiful Ecuador November 8-12.


This trip is unlike any other I’ve taken. For starters every blogger has traveled with Compassion before. They know the basics of Compassion’s ministry. They know the other bloggers. So this trip is a next step deeper in our relationships with each other and Compassion.

And also Boo Mama will be in a canoe. On the Amazon river. Floating above piranas and beneath trees in which large snakes and spiders likely make their home. And if you’ve read Sophie’s blog, well, you’re aware of how much she loves The Nature. Remember the monkeys in Uganda? Like I said. Unlike any trip I’ve taken before.

Sophie requests your prayers. We all do. And your linking skillz.

Please read along at compassionbloggers.com/ecuador November 8-12 and please send your readers, followers and friends there too. Here’s a short link to make it easier for you: bit.ly/cibloggers

Together we’ll see hundreds of children released from poverty next week! And we’ll see if Sophie makes it out alive and unmedicated.