Mom Blogger By Choice

You don’t have to have ovaries to be a mom blogger. It’s a choice.

When I started blogging back in 2005 I was a theological blogger – once or twice a political blogger. I ranted in lists and bullet points and stats and stock images.

That lasted about two weeks, if memory serves me right. And then, well, I slowly chose to be a mom blogger. I didn’t start posting recipes, launch an Etsy shop, or write a recap of every Bachelorette episode. I just decided – little by little – to be a real human being: to tell stories, to show emotion, post pictures from my own camera, to share myself and not just my thoughts.


Because God gave me a head and a heart. The heart is something too many men leave behind when they sit down to blog. And so we readers find ourselves knowing their theology or politics or “leadership” and marketing advice but not them.

Kristen Welch on ferris wheel with Mckenna

They are nothing but words on our screens – decidedly sadly not-human. It’s our humanity which builds trust – trust a blogger can then spend, if they choose, on behalf of music, children in poverty, books worth reading, and on and on.

Shaun Groves with Ann Voskamp

Trust is currency earned only by those willing to be heart-and-head humans.

I’m headed to the Relevant Conference – a place jam packed with real human beings who’ve taught me much. All of them mom bloggers. (Watch a live stream of the conference here.)

I’m speaking there about how to blog well for a good cause. And I’ll sing a bit too. But mostly I’m looking forward to (side) hugging and laughing with a lot of women who’ve taught me how to be a better human being on-line…and off. See you soon, Ann, Tsh, Lisa-Jo, Kristen and many many more.

While I travel…

Tell me: What’s the last thing you learned about blogging that made you better?