The Rock

Seconds after driving onto the campus of Northwestern College in Minneapolis, visitors learn that it’s Jana’s birthday. Or that Zak and Sara are engaged. Milestones and momentous occasions are spray-painted across The Rock.


Two years ago this Texas boy braved the cold walking from dorm to dorm begging cans of paint from students with ample reserves.

Ben and I trudged to The Rock in a foot of snow and left our mark.

Then students mailed each of us a replica of our handiwork. A small rock, a miniature of the real thing, sits on my desk at home, painted to look like the real thing in February 2009. Not a day at my desk goes by that I don’t glance over and think about that night, those students, their generosity painted across frozen stone.

I’m not at my desk now. I’m on the floor in some concourse of the Minneapolis airport waiting to board my flight home. Tired and homesick but inspired and impressed again by the generosity of Northwestern’s students – and so thankful they invited me back in September this time.
Pictured above: Me, Ben Stewart (Road Manager), The Rock, Drew (Northwestern Chapel Guy), Micah Watson (Road manager In Training)

Thank you, Northwestern. For releasing 50 more children from poverty in Jesus’ name.