George Washington & Other Football Related Ponderings

Last year’s schoolwork is sitting on the chest of drawers in our bedroom – purgatory before storage.

Last night Becky pulled a notebook of writing assignments from the stack. Gresham’s name is written across the front – every page scrawled by a seven year-old boy with a one track heart.

Fall (October 22)

When i think of Fall I think of leaves falling off of trees and puncins and halloween and football and school and leaves changing colors. And warm clothes and apples and corn and orange and yellow. I love fall.


The Best Gift Ever (December 10)

All i want for Christmas is a Steelers football and Steelers shoes ands Steelers hat and a field goal and a drum set…


My Favorit Books (February 11)

I have a lot of favorit books like Steelers history book. I like it because it tells me more about the Steelers and it shows realy cool pictures.


Things That Could Be Better In My Neighborhood (February 18)

Things could be better in my neighborhood if we had a football field and if the Steelers team could live with me and have all my friends in my neighborhood.


Letter To George Washington (March 11)

Dear George Washington,

My name is Gresham Groves. I think it is realy cool how you encouraged soldiers. My grandfather was also in the war to. Did you now that there is this sport calld football?

What’s in the heart overflows through the mouth…and the fingers.