Duane The Unicorn

I feel like I’ve discovered a unicorn. A rare beast. His name is Duane.

So many men of the blogosphere write as experts – telling us about important stuff like marketing or leadership or theology or, worse, politics.

But Duane? Duane’s more show than tell. He’s written a story about grace this week that is both important and beautiful. Yes – at the same time.

Duane begins…

I remember now the morning, yesterday morning I think, and how I stood at the window watching grace rise from the east, a shimmer of new promises held in the sky by Him, and Him alone.

And I remember how, at no moment in particular, I thought of God because all of nature, I noticed, was out to greet Him so why should I not say hello also.

So I rubbed sleep from waking eyes and committed the day to Him; praying I could find strength to lift weary shoulders and not only live this day, but to live in it… for Him, the Giver of all new days.

And now looking back, I wonder if God looked down and saw me, standing there on my front porch trying to calm sleep-snarled hair, and thought to Himself…

Please go read the rest.

Thank you, Duane. May your words inspire more men to be, well, human beings.

And thank you, Ann, for linking the rest of us to him.