A Letter From Robbie

When I die and get that new body of mine I hope it has pectoral muscles. And I hope it can sing like Robbie Seay.

I’ve known (and envied) Robbie for eons. We went to Baylor together. He sang in my wedding. And I’m pretty sure that’s why the marriage has lasted. Yep.

I love Robbie. Not just his voice but his love for Compassion International, his wife Liz, his kids and the local church he serves in Houston…and Tex-Mex. Amen.

Here’s a little of an e-mail Robbie sent me recently:

I wanted to let you know that RSB will be releasing our new album this November. This is a new season for us, one that has brought new life to our music and band. After 6 years with EMI, we’ve decided and are thrilled to release this new record independently.

As we near the end of recording, we have launched a Kickstarter page that allows us to offer pre-order packages, give access to 2 new songs immediately and offer folks some additional ways to join us in this new record in some creative ways (via unique tier packages).

There are 2 ways I’m asking you to play a role in this:

1. Consider Pre-ordering the new album
This allows us the funds to complete mixing and mastering + artwork and duplication + create bonus video content to accompany the album’s release
*Not only can you pre-order the album, but you can choose to join us at Royer’s Cafe for a christmas concert/dinner, play golf and attend a NFL game with me, host a RSB house concert & many more options to choose from. (disclaimer, I’m a horrible golfer so that has high entertainment value in and of itself)

2. Tell friends & family
There is no label or big marketing machine behind this new music. The beautiful part of the new record is that funding will come from a community of folks, rather than just 1 company/entity.
Our goal is to have 1k supporters join us on the Kickstarter project, no matter the total dollar amount.
If you believe in what we do, enjoy our music and feel its worth sharing on Twitter, Facebook or through an email – Thank you in advance for doing so!

For more info on the pre-order & to view our Kickstarter page that includes video from the studio, visit — http://www.RobbieSeayBand.com/NewAlbum

Thanks again for your support of RSB through the years.
Blessings from the band and the Seay house tonight,

So, I’m telling you, friends, that Robbie is a guy worth investing in. Talented. Compassionate. And a Texan. What else do you need to know right?

Please check out his kickstarter fundraising page and give a little to a guy who gives a lot.