A Wobbly Wheel & A Song

Mom and I grabbed a cart on our way from parking lot to grocery store. We passed through the automatic sliding doors together, cooled from the Texas heat by the immediate welcomed whoosh of AC.

A good way through our list, we saw her.

Bent over at the shoulder blades. Hair that shade of pinkish silver denial. Spotted hands on the crossbar of her shopping cart, pushing hard against it. Wrestling her way down the aisle in a losing battle against a wobbling stubborn wheel.

I passed by. But my mother? She stopped…

I’m writing today about my mom, a bad wheel and unforgettable lessons over at SimpleMom.net. Come on over there for the rest of this story.

And I’m singing for author and friend Emily Freeman and her readers over on ChattingAtTheSky.com as part of the Third World Symphony Blog Tour. Stop by and say howdy will ya?

One more thing! For a few hours yesterday people who purchased the song “All Is Grace” from iTunes and other retailers actually received a different song instead. Everything’s working as it should now, but to help those of you who were affected by the glitch here’s a fix: You can download “All Is Grace” for free from the home page of ThirdWorldSymphony.com. (Sorry about that.)

One more one more thing! Thanks to you and Ann Voskamp we were #4 on the iTunes Christian chart yesterday! THANK YOU for a great first day of school.