Thank You, Glee

I was in youth choir at church way way back in middle school and high school. Such a long time ago. Sat next to Jesus. He was a tenor. Surprise.

Actually, I sat next to my friends Brian and Tim. We were all there for the same reasons. Those reasons sat on the other half of the room and smelled good.

And then for a decade or more after I graduated from high school youth choir was slowly mothballed – replaced by praise bands I suppose. Guys mostly. Five at the most. Playing those four Tomlin chords over and over again while the crowd sang along.

The choir was dead.

But then…Glee.

A youth choir praise band hybrid on our televisions every week. A few guys playing real live instruments (or pretending to) while a small choir dances and enthusiastically sings extremely square versions of hits from yesterday and today.

Youth choir is back! Pretty much.

I’m in Orlando this week at Sonpower – a conference/camp thingy for Baptist youth choirs from across the country. I’m their pastor guy for the week (God, help them) – teaching a record-setting crowd of 1300 young musicians who enthusiastically sing extremely square versions of hits from yesterday and today.

(No dancing yet. But someday.)

Incredible how Glee singlehandedly turned something so very uncool into something so very cool-ish in such a short amount of time. Incredible too that the young musicians I’m spending my week with are not just singing but serving Orlando while they’re in town. Painting, fixing, cleaning…learning what I didn’t know at their age: the worshipers God wants most are not singers but servants.

Honored to be here with such great worshippers. Thanks, Glee.