I Thought I Asked A Lot Of Questions

My Dad used to tell me I’d never learn anything if I didn’t ask questions. A lot of them. And if that’s true then Ryan may be the smartest man alive.

Not only did Ryan, Stephanie‘s husband, ask more questions than anyone I’ve ever taken on one of these trips, but they were the best questions too.

And if you ask great questions you get great answers…

As we visited all of these places and met all of these beautiful people, there was one question burning in my heart that served as the backdrop for the entire trip – “Does the money that is invested with Compassion International produce a good return on investment?”

This is the question I ask myself when I’m making business decisions, so why shouldn’t I look for a good return when I’m investing in God’s business? So I spent the entire week asking hard questions, pouring through accounting books, reviewing auditing practices, and evaluating first-hand both the kind and scale of impact of their work on the lives of those we are called to love and serve for the Glory of God.

I crossed the line of professional courtesy quicker than I could shake the first hand, and that line long disappeared behind me as I invited myself into every area that I felt mattered in my quest to answer that question. To be fair to the folks at Compassion, though, they never seemed to mind my intrusions and every question was met with complete transparency and invitations to explore further.

And after almost a week of investigation I am totally convinced that giving money to Compassion International is a faithful use of the resources that God has entrusted to me. I’d like to share those reasons with you, in the hopes that you might consider joining me as I partner with them.

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