Filipino For Taxi

Filipino Taxi Tricycle

It’s actually called a tricycle. I’m pretty sure no tricycle would pass my state’s emissions testing. And I’m pretty sure these things weren’t made for people with legs as long as mine to climb into…or out of. You should have heard the driver’s laugh when I walked up to this thing and asked for a ride.

And here’s what that ride was like.

(It should probably be mentioned that Compassion insures every blogger for the duration of this trip.)

And where were we headed in this thing? One of the smallest homes I’ve ever been in – about 25 square feet. To meet one of the best moms alive – Roseanne. Emily and Kat wrote all about it.

And THANK YOU, by the way, for the prayers and all the kind messages of encouragement this week. Means so much to our team as they stay up til the wee hours every night writing on behalf of the beautiful children of the Philippines. Have you sponsored one yet?

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