I’m Waiting

It’s late. I’m in a conference room, my rolling chair pulled up to a serious looking wooden table. Muzak plays overhead. Mothers with Macs, faces lit by pixels, are tapping away, trying to condense the last twelve hours of laughter and tears and cross-species flirtation into a blog post.

My job as leader guy is to sit and wait now. Wait for them to ask me questions about…How many children did that guy at the Compassion office in Manila say were cared for by Compassion in the Philippines?…Where’s that page where people can give money to fight sex trafficking?…How old is a child when they graduate from Compassion’s program in the Philippines?…Has anyone posted that picture of Shaun with his new girlfriend so I can link to it?

And I do my best to answer, to give them what they need.

  • 56,000. That’s how many kids Compassion serves in the Philippines.
  • People can give to the Highly Vulnerable Children Fund to help combat sex trafficking in the Philippines…among other things.
  • Kids can stay in Compassion’s program until age 21 here in the Philippines.
  • And here’s that picture of my new girlfriend you wanted. Her name’s Jenny. And she digs my five o’clock shadow.

Shaun Groves with orangutan

Do you have a question about Compassion or this blogging trip? I’m waiting.

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