Compassion Bloggers Headed To The Philippines

Normally, for months, I’m almost singularly focussed on these blogging trips that Patricia and I lead for Compassion International. But this time around I’ve been on a tour and making a record at the same time. Fresh out of focus.

But, now that I’m off the road and now that we’re through recording (the record is being mixed!) I’m playing catch-up on some preparations for our trip to the Philippines at the end of May.

FIrst on my to-do list? Let me start by introducing you to the amazing bloggers who have bravely agreed to travel with us.


Tsh Simple MomTsh runs, is the author of a book on simplicity, and is in search of a vowel. site is written by multiple contributors offering “life hacks for home managers.” I first discovered Tsh’s blog two years ago when a missionary’s blog linked to her as a fellow missionary and source of inspiration. Since then, Tsh and her family have moved back to the U.S. but her passion for being involved in God’s work around the world is still going strong. Looking forward to her expert and seasoned missionary perspective as she writes about Compassion’s ministry in and around Manila.


Kat Inspired To ActionI’ve known Kat for I think about five years. We met at a concert in Waco, Texas (every blog trip needs a Texan in order to be pleasing and acceptable to God) and later she built my first blog site. Not long ago she revamped her own site, changed its name and purpose and design. offers “Tips and Tools For Inspired Moms.” Hey, even if you’re not a mom, you might wanna learn how to “maximize your mornings.”


Stephanie Keeper Of The HomeI discovered Stephanie’s blog, Keeper Of The Home, while reading another blog about living frugally. Only later did I find out she’s an author of a couple books on healthy living too. Sooo, I guess this means I have to eat better while we’re in the Philippines together than I do at home. Dang it. Seriously, I’m looking forward to learning a lot from Stephanie and her husband in Manila.


Emily Chatting At The SkyShe had me at Sarah Masen. Emily’s blog, Chatting At The Sky, is named after a line from a Sarah Masen song. Emily and I will get along well _ can tell already. I know Emily the least of all the bloggers. I mean, I’ve read her blog for the shortest amount of time. Several of our past bloggers suggested I take her on a blogging trip. And I totally understand why. She has a joy that translates clearly in her writing. And her pictures! Beautiful. Oh, and, yes, Emily is also an author.


Lindsay Passionate HomemakingI first found Lindsay’s blog, Passionate Homemaking, by stumbling onto her posts on simplicity and frugality. And I was hooked. Very practical but not at all boring or impersonal – a very rare thing to find on the interwebs. She’s the baby of our bloggers – maybe the youngest blogger we’ve ever taken on one of these trips. Her voice is one that’s been missing from this conversation about poverty and hope. Thankful to be hearing it soon.

So, there they are! The Compassion bloggers heading to the Philippines later this month. We’ll start blogging May 29, so check out then to follow along! And, in the meantime, get to know these ladies by checking out their sites and our collective Twitter stream.


Ahhhh. Feeling more caught up already.