Recording: The O In Studio

Andrew Osenga is a writer, producer, guitar slinger for The Normals and then Caedmon’s Call, a prolific solo artist, he’s only got nine toes (thanks to his mower) and….he’s sitting two feet from me playing the electric guitar parts to every song on the new record.


The source of his guitar genius? Nine magic pedals.


And granola bars.


He wants to take both to space, by the way. Seriously. He’s got a plan.

After Andy lays down the electric parts, it’s on to my piano parts and then my vocals and then background vocals and then…geez, it seems like we’ve got a ways to go but I swear we’re close. Only one more week and we should start mixing! Thank you again for your encouragement, prayers and, well, your cash. Without you this man to my left wouldn’t be here making music that makes me so happy…and soon the world (or a small percentage of it.) Thank you. Very very much.

Bonus: Here’s Andy figuring out his part for “Come By Here.” Enjoy.