Sometimes Hate Wins (And It Should)

Some parents were tricked into giving up their children. Others were paid to do so. Those children were adopted by Americans and Europeans. Still other children were trafficked.



Ethiopia’s government wants it to end. Its Ministry of Women’s, Children’s and Youth Affairs has decided to reduce the number of adoptions taking place each year by as much as 90%. With a lower workload per case worker, the government believes it can work each case more effectively, thoroughly. And fewer children will be exploited.

I learned all this from Becky today – her faced streaked by tears and lit by her computer screen. On it an e-mail from our adoption agency.

What does this mean for the 15 million orphans in Ethiopia without family? What does this mean for people like us in the process of becoming mom and dad and brother and sister to an orphan from Ethiopia?

Evil wins.

Hate wins.

Is it wise to let hate win? Everything in us cringes at the thought but what is truly best? That we proudly stand our ground while evil slithers on unstoppable, stealing and destroying as it goes? Or that we give up ground in order to focus on preserve what is most precious?

What a paradox: Sometimes to protect what matters most we must let hate win a little. For now. Down here.

I’ve learned this lesson more than once this week. And it’s only Tuesday.

We will continue to pray that Ethiopia’s government finds a way to both protect its children from evil and provide them all with loving permanent homes.

Until then…

For more information about the Ethiopian government’s new position on adoption and for ways to help go here.