You Are

I’m not saying I won’t post anything this week, but I’m just not sure when and how much I’ll be able to post.

I’m meeting with a few producers this week, trying to squeeze the last couple songs or five out before making final arrangements to head into the studio, writing essays as part of our adoption paperwork, making final invites to bloggers who will be going on the next Compassion Bloggers trip with us in May, guest posting elsewhere…and lots more.

And trying to remember in all this good-kind-of busy that God is here. Remembering takes a lot of effort and a little time for me. Time I’d usually spend with you here.

I jotted these lines down this afternoon on a scrap of paper…

In the glare of gold and silver
In the grit of rust and splinters
You are

Let’s don’t miss Him this week. Even if that means missing each other.

I’ll be praying this week for sure. What can I talk to God about for you this week?

For me? I need words for these last hold-out melodies, discernment while choosing producers, and to be fully present with my wife and kids when I’m off work.