What My Prom Date Said About Me On Christianity Today

Christine was my best friend’s little sister’s best friend. You following so far?

We were good friends in high school. We went to church together, marched in the band together, and even went to prom way back in 1992. (Man, that’s forever and many haircuts ago.)

Christine HooverToday Christine and her husband are church planters in Charlottesville, Virginia. She blogs about life in ministry and parenting three boys over at The Hoover Household and does some writing on the side for folks like Christianity Today and incourage.

Christine got in touch with me through Facebook a few months ago and asked if she could interview me by phone sometime. So, in a hotel room someplace in the Midwest I gave Christine a call and we strolled through life since high school, focussing mostly on the last five years.

She did a fantastic job transcribing and rewriting my rambling into something much more concise and coherent than our time together truly was. I haven’t been interviewed in a while – a little rusty – but Christine did an amazing job. Incredibly talented.

So, go read Christine’s interview and then go check out her blog. Thanks, Christine, for your friendship and the many words and hours spent on me and Compassion.

You know, even if I didn’t take you to prom, I’d love to talk. I never turn down an interview request: [email protected]