What Kind Of Beans Do You Want?

A song is like green beans. It can be prepared an endless number of ways to suit almost any taste.

Casserole in the oven. Simmered in a pot with a generous amount of bacon. And, well, that’s all I can think of, but you cooks out there could list green bean recipes for days couldn’t you? Just like a producer.

My job as the writer is to pick the beans. Then the songs are handed over to a producer. Together – the label, the artist, whoever’s part of the process of making the album – we talk appetites: Who’s craving what?

Imagine that. These beans of yours can be turned into virtually anything and you get to help make the menu.

Frightening really. So many possibilities. Too many.

Unless you’ve got French cut green beans. That narrows it down a bit. And someone at the table is a vegetarian. Even fewer options.

The problem this time around is that there aren’t many people at my table – just me and a producer. There’s no marketing guy telling me what’s serving well at Family Christian Stores or Lifeway. There’s no radio promoter telling me what K-LOVE and WAY-FM are craving.

So what to make for dinner?

Well, I know what I’m craving. And, truthfully, that’s what we’re making. As I picked these beans my stomach was growling for certain flavors.

But if you were in charge…What would you serve? What do you want more of? What’s the last song you loved?