Meet The Producer: Mitch Dane

Mitch and I met back in 2002 on a bus. I was on tour with Jars of Clay and Mitch spent some time on the road with us – a friend of the Jars guys and their new producer. Even then Mitch was talking about how my recorded sound was much different from my live sound – wondering if he could bridge that gap as a producer someday.

Well, it’s someday. Mitch Dane will be producing my next record, trying to capture something in the studio that’s a bit closer to what I do on stage. We’ll head into his Nashville studio in mid-April and work for a few weeks.

Mitch is probably best known for the many projects he’s worked on with Jars of Clay, including their latest multi-artist collaboration The Shelter. But I also dig his production for singer songwriters J.J. Heller and Bebo Norman. The songs I’ve written so far are falling – I think – somewhere in between these two sounds.

Here’s the Jars song Two Hands

[youtube width=”542″ height=”385″][/youtube]

And J.J. Heller’s current radio song What Love Really Means

[youtube width=”542″ height=”385″][/youtube]

Alrighty. Now I’m off to write just a couple more songs for Mitch to make music out of.