I Want To Be (Like) A Marine

I spent the last couple days in Annapolis, Maryland at the United States Naval Academy teaching, singing, and learning.

Our boss for the week, and new friend, Chaplain Brian Weigelt took us out to breakfast yesterday at Chick and Ruths Deli. While I savored my crab and veggie omelet, arguably the best breakfast I’ve ever put in my mouth, Brian taught us how to be courageous and what makes a marine so special.

Not long ago, a dinner was held for all midshipmen at the Academy who were being appointed to the Marine Corps. A three-star Admiral addressed them, Brian said. He told them fear is a natural response to danger – an emotion. But courage, the Admiral said, is an action carried out when that fear is overruled by an even greater emotion. There is only one that is more powerful than fear, he said, and that’s love.

“Perfect love drives out fear,” the Admiral quoted.

According to him, the greatest asset a sailor has is his ship. Don’t give up the ship, the Navy says.

The greatest asset of a marine, said the Admiral, is his fellow marines.

“So start loving your marines now,” he said.