Everything Must Go!

First of all, we’re fine, mom. Don’t mail us money.

Second, I have no gigs on the calendar for the next month or so. Something about churches being busy with this thing they call “Christmas” and…oh, and I have a broken freaking hand! So I’m getting creative.

Third, I found some stuff sitting around the house that we’re no longer using so why not sell it? Yes, to you. Just shoot me an e-mail if you want any of it.

Blackberry Storm 2

I got a Storm 2 so I could stay in touch with family and tweet from outside the U.S. When I bought it Verizon gave me another for free if I re-upped my contract. So I did. It was activated and then deactivated and put back in the box a minute later. Never been used. Only works on Verizon network. How’s $150 sound?

Yamaha Compass North CPX15N

This is an electric acoustic guitar I used to play. For years, actually. When Yamaha stopped making this model they gave me its successor, which isn’t as pretty. I only need one guitar and Yamaha doesn’t want this one back, so it’s yours if you want it. Retailed for $1700 but I’ve seen them used like this for as little as $700.

I should warn you, the case for this guitar isn’t in great shape. But, if you tote this bad boy around you will look like you’ve been touring for ages. And that’s worth something right?

Boy Construction Quilt & Rug

We got this rug and quilt from Company Kids ages and ages ago. It’s in perfect shape. What’s that worth?

Girl Flower Quilt

Also from Company Kids. Also in perfect shape. Also have no idea how much it’s worth.

If you want any of this stuff just e-mail me. It’s yours.