The Adding Ads Question

A reputable agency has asked if they can place ads on my site. Here’s how it would work:

  • Advertisers offer to place an ad here for X dollars.
  • I look at their ad and decide if it’s something I want running on my site.
  • If I let the ad run, I get paid.

Now, I don’t personally like ads. Here’s why:

  • They don’t work well. Research shows that people ignore them and rarely click them.
  • They instantly make a personal site look commercial.
  • They’re ugly. They don’t adhere to the design of the site, don’t use the same colors or fonts as the whole of the site.
  • They often sell stuff nobody needs to people who already have everything.

Here’s why I like ads:

I’d like to record a new album. I thought I’d receive enough donations from listeners of my “free” music to pay for the production of that album. No such luck. So, maybe ads could pay for it. Sure beats a loan or a record deal right?

So, my question to you, my beloved reader, is this: What do you think about placing ads on

I have no idea where they’d go, how many there’d be, or what they’d be for.

I’m not adding ads without your support. After all, there is no site without you.


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