Videos From Guatemala

Don’t know why I didn’t show these to you sooner!

My boss at Compassion came with us to Guatemala – his first time on a blogging trip. Dustin heads up internet marketing at Compassion these days but started out at a church doing video and audio stuff years ago…a whole lot of years ago…waaaay long time ago. He’s a lot older than me.

Anyway, he pulled out his camera a few times, went all directorial on me and made me talk. Turned out OK for winging it.

I don’t know why we haven’t done any videos like this on our previous trips. Easy enough to do and I think gives you guys at home a little glimpse of where Compassion works and how it does that work.

First up, a tour of a Compassion child development center in Guatemala. #GU-888

Next, inside the home of a family with two kids enrolled in that development center you just saw. (All those white people are Compassion bloggers. The beautifully brown ones are Guatemalan Compassion staff escorting us.)

And, lastly, a few seconds of video from Dustin’s shirt pocket of some of the walk through the neighborhood served by GU-888.

What would you like to see more of on these blogging trips? Less of? Any other suggestions?