This Wall Says It Well

Between the walls of a small cinderblock church we played, laughed, learned, colored, and prayed with a mob of children. Together we memorized ancient words and sang to our very present God.

Every child development center (sometimes called a “project”) is a local church committed to meeting the physical and spiritual needs of children in its own neighborhood. Compassion serves children exclusively through the church. Always.

Thirty-four thousand kids in Guatemala are cared for by 144 development centers nationwide – and everyone of them a church. And that matters.

Because every center is a church…every child hears about Jesus and has the opportunity (not a requirement) to believe in Him. On average 500 children every day come to faith in Christ through the ministry of Compassion in 26 countries.

Because every project is a church…every child is cared for by devoted followers of Christ. His love comes through them, in every glass of poured juice, every science lesson, every hug, to every child.

Because every project is a church…God’s people are sharing not only God’s love but also God’s Word daily with little ones and their families. Sharing with them the most powerful words ever written. They are learning these words together, like Psalm 119:4.

Compassion children learning Psalm 119:4

“You have given us commands to obey.”

Compassion children learning Psalm 119:4

The walls of development center #GU-970 (also known as Christ Evangelical Church King Of Glory) announced the power of these sacred words loud and clear today.

La Biblia quote

The Bible was not written to satisfy the curiosity of man, but to help make us more like Christ. It is not to make you a wise sinner, but to train you into the image of the Savior.

Sponsor a child today and give her more than nutrition, medical assistance, education and lots of friends to play with in a safe place. Give her Jesus.