Festival Christians Still Love Jesus

I apologize to my regular readers for not posting more, um, regularly. (Sorry, Mom and Dad.) I’ve been out of town speaking at a festival for a few days. And before that, I was speaking at a festival for a few days. And after this I’ll be speaking at a festival for a few days.

All this festivaling has been very encouraging. Revelatory even!

Aren’t you sick of the doomsdayers? Over and over again we’ve heard the cynics spewing their statistics aimed at proving the lack of love American Christians have for their Jesus.  The naysayers claim just as many Christians are divorced as non-Christians, that just as many Christian teens get pregnant as non-Christian kids. They tell us we’re biblically illiterate, that we don’t give to our churches, that we work too much and serve too little. Bad news everywhere we turn!

To these critics I offer up a rebuttal: the exemplary fervor of the American festival Christian.

The festival Christian loves Jesus. LOVES Him. She loves Jesus so much that she’s practically sprinting to Him.

She’s eating chicken sandwiches made of Krispy Kreme donuts instead of bread…battered and deep fried. As fast as she can.

And corn dogs made of Twinkies…battered and deep fried. And Twinkies covered in bacon…battered and deep fried. And Butterfingers…battered and deep fried.

We’ll see you soon, Jesus! Real soon.


Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich