Friendly In Oklahoma

I was born in Oklahoma. My father was stationed in Lawton and, being as small as I was and dependent upon a womb and all, I didn’t have the option of relocating before delivery.

But I got bigger.

When I was two, I smelled fajitas and crawled South.

Mom and dad and big sis followed.

I love Texas. But Oklahoma and I are still pretty good friends. Especially, Tulsa. Because of KXOJ.

KXOJ is arguably the most successful Christian radio station in the country. It doesn’t have the most listeners, but it has (or did the last I heard) the largest percentage of potential listeners actually, you know, listening. It’s a dang good station.

It also happens to be the only station in America that’s played every one of my singles over the last nine years (including my new one). So I might be biased.

KXOJ and I have been partners for nine years. My relationship with Tulsa is unlike my relationship with any other city because of it.

Glitter Girl, for example.Β IΒ first met her when she was fifteen. Now she’s twenty-three, about to finish college and become a teacher.

When we first met in a book store all those years ago, she was carrying a sign written on with glitter – lots of glitter – too much glitter. I’m horrible with names but I remembered the glitter and so her nickname was born.

Through the years, KXOJ has brought me to Tulsa to play lots of concerts. At every one of them, Glitter Girl and her mom stuck around afterward and filled me in on the most recent chapters of their lives. In a way I got to walk with Glitter Girl through high school and college. Through health problems and surgery and healing.

Tonight we met again. I know I’m a sap but being prayed for tonight by a woman I’ve known since I prayed for her as a girl, well, it got to me.

I remember the first time I heard my song on the radio. Sometimes I wish I could feel that feeling again. But it’s nothing compared to what happens when you’re privileged enough to have songs played thousands of times in one place. There’s no feeling like being part of someone’s life. Over time, fans can become something pretty stinkin’ close to friends. At least in Tulsa they can.

Thanks, Bob, KXOJ and everyone who’s been coming out to visit me in Tulsa for so many years. See you again soon.

I’m heading home in the morning and will take the day off when I get there. See you on Wednesday, Interwebs.