Christmas In North Carolina

I’m in North Carolina more than any other state. There are folks there who’ve been coming to my shows so long that they’ve literally heard every song I’ve ever written performed live (and every story and joke too). Poor poor souls.

Last night in North Carolina, when I spotted these longtime listeners in the crowd I felt terrible about them sitting through a 90 minute re-run. So I played a couple new songs. One of them I’ve posted here before. The other is a Christmas tune.

Last week my friend Doug and I got together to write a song for Carrie Underwood’s upcoming Christmas album. She’s headed into the studio soon so we wrote quickly, we’ll demo it up hopefully this week, and send it over to her people early next week and possibly stalk her and beg her repeatedly to record it until she presses charges. I ain’t too proud…

So last night we had Christmas in North Carolina. And more people wanted to buy that song than buy my CDs. A good sign I suppose. For the song. Not so much for my career as a recording artist.

Here’s the lyric. Enjoy a little Christmas today. And Carrie, if you’re reading, North Carolina wants to buy this song. And I need to buy mac & cheese and college for three so…

Can You Believe
Words & Music by Doug Powell & Shaun Groves

Verse 1:
Snow is coming down tonight
Every porch lit up with lights
The neighborhood is dressed for Christmas day
But you don’t feel the joy some how
(Your) world is dark and upside down
Bethlehem sure feels so far away
So far away

Can you believe
(It was) On a night like this so long ago
A star was sent to shine
When we can’t see
Peace on earth is not so out of reach
For you and me
Can you believe?

Verse 2:
I know you’ve heard it all before
About the day when God was born
Baby Savior making all things new
Angels sang their songs that night
Shepherds left their flocks behind
To see the boy who came to see them through
See us through


When only dark surrounds you
And nothing else around you feels like Christmas eve